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I was interested in visualizing one of the museum image databases. I initially chose the Carnegie Museum of Art but after going through several museum datasets and websites, I was significantly more interested in Cooper Hewitt‘s exhibits and chose …

Samarth – Project 2 Proposals

Fig. 1 An artist’s conception of a Black Hole showing the Accretion Disk and Relativistic Jet

I am considering two alternatives for my visualization project. The one I’m leaning towards at the moment is an analytical visualization of the spacetime


A drawing project that inspired my drawing program assignment was DadaBot, a gesture controlled drawing robot by David Baus and Alexander Oemisch. Being interested in motion sensing and gesture detection, this robot appealed to me and helped shape my own …

Map Visualizations – Meteorites

I chose the meteorite dataset for the map assignment.

For the map visualization, I used Stamen Maps and followed the demonstration given by Ingrid Burrington. An interesting thing happened on account of me not knowing that the latitudes and longitudes …