2-04 (Drawing)


  • Internships
  • Monday February 8th at 7pm is New Media Monday here in Pittsburgh. Various people interested in new media art gather at Assemble, to talk about technology, art, media, current projects, ideas. Great group, connects you to alums, professionals and others in the area who work in these fields.
  • Today and Tuesday (2/9) will be work sessions. You may arrive as late as 9am.
  • There will NOT be a workshop on Saturday by David Newbury.
  • Mary Flanagan (Critical Play) is speaking Wednesday 2/10th, 4:30pm in Giant Eagle.
    There will be a work night (with dinner) on Wednesday February 10th, 6pm.
  • If you’re interested in “STEAM” (the idea that the arts should be integrated into STEM education), consider forming a CMU chapter of STEAMwithUs.
  • A $100K prize for a Robot Art Painter. Help teach the world that “robot art is nothing new, from Jean Tinguely‘s kinetic sculptures in the 1960s, to contemporary dancing machines, to robotic docents giving tours of museums, to crowd-sourced robot paintings.”
  • Also: We might be able to get a Soli, but we’ve been asked to present some ideas. Let’s brainstorm.

Some things to See

William Forsythe, Improvisation Technologies:

Zach Lieberman, Android Experiments: Inkspace

Other remainders from Tuesday: