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Luca Damasco

11 May 2016

It has been a recent interest of mine to explore the worlds of machine learning and generative text in the context of Art. In particular, I have attempted to devise a system which can automatically generate art reviews and critiques

Luca Damasco

20 Apr 2016

For my final project I’m interested in creating a “critiquing machine”.

In short, I’d like to have interactors upload an image, and my program will return a piece of text which is formatted in the style of a critique or …

Luca Damasco

05 Apr 2016

Teenie Harris was a professional photographer in Pittsburgh’s Hill District from the 1930’s through the 1970’s. His work catalogued the lives of Pittsburgh’s African American community for generations. After his death in the late 1990’s, Teenie left behind an archive …

Luca Damasco

23 Mar 2016

I’ve chosen the “Teenie” Harris archive as my dataset. “Teenie” Harris was a professional photographer who photographed over 80,000 images between 1930 to his death in 1998, documenting the cultural experiences of Pittsburgh’s African American population. A breakthrough in this …

Luca Damasco

23 Feb 2016

For my map assignment, I am intent on mapping the space of the world’s current most popular online game, League of Legends. Rather than create a standard death heat map for the game like this one LoL death heat map

I intend to map …

Luca Damasco

16 Feb 2016

Zach Rispoli's

Zach Rispoli’s “Post Human Bot” was a phenomenally clever idea which combined some impressive technical traits with a truly interesting idea. Zach injects his signature style into each and every render his bot produces. Viewing these abstract depictions of bodily …

Luca Damasco

01 Feb 2016

Two Ofx Addons and Twitter Bot

For my ofx addon project, I created @ThisThingIs. @ThisThingIs is a twitter bot which can be tweeted an image and then respond to that tweet with the results of that image being run …

Luca Damasco

18 Jan 2016


Pedro Cuhna’s “Interactive Air Pollution Map” creates an extremely straightforward view of air pollution in the world by country. I was also happy to see that Pedro had also created a “By City” function, but a bit put off …

Luca Damasco

14 Jan 2016

Delicate Boundaries from csugrue on Vimeo.

Christine Sugrue’s “Delicate Boundaries” showcases an incredible interaction between the art’s participants and the art itself. Participants watch small, amoeba like creatures crawl from a projected scene onto their bodies, effectively making them …