Reading this article, I immediately identified that I am very firmly a “Last Word Art” kinda person, at least in regard to my own practice. CMU, I feel, tends to have a heavier push towards “First Word Art” (although perhaps it only seems that way because the art is so unfamiliar to me, since many of my classmates have explicitly referred to already existing works in discussing their own).  For that, I sometimes feel like a lesser artist somehow.

I guess point is, so much of the art that we learn about now is already incredibly novel-feeling to me. The ways technology has shaped our culture is evident in a lot of that art too, like the many projects that I’ve seen using social media. In classes focusing on using new, novel technology for art most of it feels so utterly out of reach and unimaginable for me. I know so little about both First World Art and technology too, like I didn’t know VR existed until a year ago. There’s a lot to learn, and I’m excited since its all been pretty cool so far.