What line is it anyway ?

a visualization of people’s take on adjectives, collected from around 1300 users

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People on the web were asked to draw out a line with an accompanying adjective (eg: creative, smooth,wild etc), we logged the drawing info (saving the coordinates and time) and the lines were then stitched together to get one long continuous line.

Lines were collected using a processing applet that was put up on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

Some facts from the findings ! :

Average Time Spent on a Drawing:

creative Line: 55 seconds
smooth Line:  70 seconds
spiky Line:  42 seconds
straight Line : 38 seconds

Collective length of lines (100 users per adjective) :

Spirally Line : 29 meters
Straight Line : 16 meters
Wild Line : 32 meters
Smooth Line : 15 meters


Where we plan to take this :
A website with an applet running throught the line, also a provision for people to record in lines.

Study of Turk Behavior Itself.


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