March 2012:

  • Monday 12th:
    Morning: Golan’s blooter infovis lecture.
    Early afternoon: An overview of some resources and tools.
    Afternoon: Discussion about data sources (for the Small Project).
  • Tuesday 13th:
    Early Morning: Readings + Looking Outwards is due. Discussion.
    Mid-Morning: Getting experience with the Twitter API (in Processing).
    Afternoon: Work on the Small Project.
  • Wednesday 14th:
    Morning: the Small Project is due, and discussed.
    Mid-Day: Getting experience with API #2 and #3.
    Late Afternoon: Group brainstorming, team formations for the large project.
  • Thursday 15th:
    Morning: Large Project research presentations due.
    Afternoon: Student work towards the Large Project.
    5pm: Golan presents his own work at 5pm.
  • Friday 16th:
    All day: Targeted work with APIs and/or other tools.
  • Saturday & Sunday, 17-18th:
    Student intensive work-sessions. (Golan is around to help.)
  • Monday 19th:
    Morning: Scrambling.
    Mid-Day: Student presentations of the Large Project.
  • Tuesday 20th: Golan departs

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