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GGGGmail: visualization of Gmail history (Rohit and Hide)

  GGGGmail (temporaly name) visualizes your history of gmail. Our goal for this project is to uncover e-mail relationship with other people through 2D and 3D visualization. 2D animation shows history of your mail box with all senders on a … Continue reading

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Data visualization project #1: welcome to Copenhagen

Team: Rohit Sharma, Hideaki Matsui Data visualization of peoples voice. It visualises 9 people’s “welcome to Copenhagen” using different colors. English is common language at CIID, and we have different voice and English accents (we are from 14 different countries). It’s quite interesting … Continue reading

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Hide’s findings

Radiation map in Japan by New York Times   3-Way Street: Highlighting Dangerous Traffic Situations at an Intersection The two images showing “safe zones”. The first one visualizes the evacuation area around Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan because … Continue reading

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