Overview of Deliverables.

  • Due at the start of Tuesday (13th) morning, are Readings & Looking Outwards.
  • Due at the start of Wednesday (14th) morning, is the Small Project.
  • Due at the start of Thursday (15th) morning, is a Research Presentation (i.e plan, sketch, proposal, etc.) for the Large Project.
  • Due at mid-day on Monday (19th), is the Large Project.

Readings. Please read the following:

“Looking Outwards”: Spend an hour browsing the provided blog links. Select 3 projects which interest you. In a blog post, embed an image or a video for each project, and write 100-150 words critiquing the project.

Small Project:
Devise a system, machine or process to collect some data; execute the system; visualize the obtained data using a pre-existing tool. For example, you might ask people to complete surveys, or you might use some apps to collect data in the world — and the visualize this with Many Eyes or some scripted Google Chart goodness.

Large Project:
This project is concerned with the comprehensive process of visualizing real-world information. You will identify some information that you are personally interested in and develop software and other procedures to acquire, parse, filter, mine, represent, refine, and interact with your data — while keeping in mind essential questions about what information is worth visualizing, what makes it worth visualizing, and how your visualization functions to produce new knowledge and/or make an impact in culture.

Have a Research Presentation ready to show on Thursday morning. The format for this is flexible; it might consist of a sketch, a plan of attack, or a half-finished piece, with some context that helps us understand where you’re heading and why it will be interesting.

The final Large Project is due on Monday (19th) afternoon. In addition to the oral presentation, the deliverables consist of a blog post with appropriate embedded media (video, PDF, applet, etc), and a written project narrative. Include a self-critique.

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