Project 1 (Gauntlet)

by admin @ 6:41 am 17 January 2012

This assignment has 3 parts, all of which are due next Tuesday (January 24) at the beginning of class.

  1. Looking Outwards. Browse blogs and other sources to discover three projects by other people that you haven’t seen before. (Consider digging around the sites listed in the Links, below right.) Also: consider selecting projects that are made by individuals or small teams, rather than large companies. In a blog post, embed relevant images or video of each project, and write a paragraph (~100-150) words about each, in which you:
    • Explain the project in just a sentence or two;
    • Explain what inspires you about the project (i.e. what you find interesting);
    • Critique the project: describe how could it be more effective; discuss some of the other possibilities that it suggests.
    • Please be sure to tag all such entries with our WordPress “Category”, LookingOutwards.
    • Name your blog post(s) consistently, with the title YourName-LookingOutwards-1, etcetera.
  2. The 1965 plotter work, 13/9/65 Nr. 2, by Frieder Nake (born 1938, Germany) is one of the first computer-based artworks:
    You can read more about it here.
    Reproduce it in your preferred programming environment.
    (It’s OK if you don’t reproduce it “exactly“.) In a blog post on our class site, please include the following:

    • If it makes sense to do so, embed an active object (e.g. Processing applet, Flash) into your page;
    • If possible, generate a PDF, and embed that into your blog post, too.
    • If possible, embed your code into the blog post, using the WP-Syntax wordpress plugin for the code text formatting;
    • Please tag your blog post with the WordPress “Category”, Project1.
    • Name your blog post consistently, with the title YourName-13-9-65.
  3. Create something interesting using FaceOSC.
    • Our TA, Dan Wilcox has created FaceOSC template projects for Processing, OpenFrameworks, Pure Data, and MaxMSP/Jitter:
    • There is also a special build of FaceOSC for Mac OSX that can play local movie files here:
    • Your project need not be real-time, or even time-based.
    • If your project is time-based or real-time, embed a YouTube or Vimeo video demonstrating your project.
    • If not, embed some other suitable artifact (e.g. PDF, image, etc.)
    • Please write 100-200 words about your project.
    • Please tag your blog post with the WordPress “Category”, Project1.
    • Name your blog post consistently, with the title YourName-FaceOSC.

See the Embed Instructions for more information.

Also: if you are not already doing so, please follow Professor Levin on Twitter (@golan) or Facebook (golanlevin) for timely updates and other news.

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