Project 3 (Generate)

by admin @ 11:10 am 16 February 2012

Software makes possible the simulation, rather than mere representation, of the principles which animate the world around us. In this project you will model a system by developing rules that synthesize form in hopefully surprising ways.

For this project you are asked to create a system which generates form and/or behavior, algorithmically, and preferably through some form of simulation. For example, you might elect to:

  • create new life — such as an interactive and sensate creature, a dynamic flock or swarm, an artificial cell-culture, a novel plant, an intelligent interlocutor, etc.
  • create a form or a form-system — such as a tool for generating variations of graphic designs, buildings, cars, jewelry, poetry, etc.
  • implement an algorithm for simulating natural form or behavior, such as reaction-diffusion, cellular automata, texture synthesis, etc.

Please give some consideration to the potential your software can have to operate as a cultural artifact. Can it somehow attain special relevance by generating things which address a real human need or interest? Can your generative algorithm and its results form a wry commentary?

Details about this Project’s deadlines and deliverables:

  • Tuesday, February 21: Your 3 Looking Outwards for Synthesis, Simulation & Visual Morphogenesis should already be completed. Now, make a blog post describing your proposed project. Include links to actual technologies or libraries you expect to use (for example, Toxiclibs for your spring mesh, etc.). Note: NO CLASS MEETING. CATCH UP AND DO WORK! (Golan & Dan are away in Detroit.)
  • Thursday, February 23: Project 3 Sketch due. Have something working!
  • Tuesday, February 28 & Thursday, March 1. Project 3 Due.

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