Assignment 3 : Behind My Face

So I decided to create a sort of generative machine which would churn out random shapes that I could then find my own face in. I wanted to do this in 3D, since one has many more degrees of freedom when creating complex shapes within 3 dimensional space. I brought in a Viewer class that I had created for previous projects which allows me to move around a 3D environment using WASD and the mouse:

viewer class

I then created a Blob class which would construct itself out of a user defined number of triangular polygons:

blob class

Next, I inserted one such Blob into a P3D rendered Processing environment, with a camera controlled using a Viewer class (also way too many libraries imported):

main window

When I ran it, instead of blobby masses of triangles which I expected, I instead got shapes very similar looking to neurons:

mi face 1

mi face 2

Since, using a more inclusive definition of ‘face’ which I myself have created right now in this very moment, the face includes what is behind the face, this still qualifies as a face, and a self portrait as well.


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