Looking Outwards – Generative Art

Roots by Memo Akten

This project generates root structures based on a random algorithm that takes several parameters that are customizable by the user. It also reacts to user input. I was surprised by it because with further inspection it appears to just used a motion blur technique like what was demonstrated in class on Monday to make the roots. But due to the sporadic movements of the roots, it is much more. I liked that it is capable of being customized and reacts to objects placed onto its surface and touches from users. Moreover, it also generates the sound based on the movement of the roots. The audio and visuals are purely generated according to his program. It runs on the Brkick Table made by Jordan Hochenbaum and Owen Vallis and was premiered at the Minitek Music + Innovation Festival September 12-14 2008  in New York.

Landscape Prints by Erik Natzke

In this work Erik Natzke wanted to create large prints according to the description on vimeo. However, I liked them because I think they are explosive, but somehow graceful in their colors. I would be interested in seeing what the code that generated these images looked like. Or for that matter how it worked. The delivery of the project as prints would be more appealing than viewing them through vimeo. It could have been more effectively displayed on the web via a different site. It would be interesting to see these animated, and in that I think he missed an opportunity.

Crystalline by Robert Hodgin

This project starts with randomly charged particles and results in a simulation of magnetics and crystal growth. I found it interesting because it uses an actual physics simulation to create art. It uses impressive lighting and effects with light emission in OpenGL. This is an impressive task. I would like to be able to create shaders for my projects that allow for such impressive imagery to be created in realtime.

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