Looking Outwards 2: Processing (HC)

One I admire:

dirty venation #4

The design looks really amazing and clean, almost like a mix between architecture, geometry and the veins of a leaf. [dirty venation #4 by Yukio Minobe]

One I was surprised by:

The concept of a sound sculpture was not what I had imagined in my mind, and it was pleasant and inspiring and almost mesmerizing to watch. The editing and camerawork was also well done, a step up from bland showcase videos. [unnamed soundsculpture by Daniel Franke & Cedric Kiefer: http://www.onformative.com/work/unnamed-soundsculpture/]

One I thought missed an opportunity:

Although the video was impressively done (and was all of the 3D done in Processing? I feel that most of the text/designs were done with After Effects though), the disappointing part was the world Genesis, so simply made, with simple trees and a few houses on the world. It was a bit dissapointing and a let down, i feel they could have designed a much cooler planet instead of something that looks like a christmas commercial.

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