So if you’d believe it or not, I had a really silly amount of trouble finding any large-scale installations or no-expenses-spared versions of what I’m aiming to do. There are, however, a lot of really ghetto built-in-mom’s-basement versions on Youtube, complete with horrible pop soundtrack playing in the background like so much elevator muzak.

This first project is along the same lines of what I’m up to; it’s a set of LED lights that respond to the music in much the same way that an equalizer does:

Second we have someone working with a whole lot of LEDs at once; they’ve made a full equalizer as well as various patterns that seem to move in time with the music:

Lastly we’ve got this guy giving a full video tutorial of his project, including the code. What he’s done, essentially, is pretty much exactly what I want to do only on a much smaller scale: He’s got three large LEDs responding to each of the low, middle and high frequencies. As far as mine goes, I’m mostly just doing this with more lights and more colors, but we’ll see how advanced I can manage. Anyway, here’s his video:

In addition to these, there’s a lot of really nice little tutorials out there that either have elements of or a version of what I’m trying to do, so I’m pulling together a decent idea of the work I have cut out for me.

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