My twitter bot is @IrishDrinkinBot and its URL is https://twitter.com/IrishDrinkinBot. It creates an Irish Drinking Song based on text that it has been mentioned. (@ed). Here is a link to a sample song from the show Whose Line Is It Anyway. The first and third lines are 7-8 syllables each. The second and fourth are about five, and rhyme with each other.

I’m searching for the last 100 tweets (twitter doesn’t allow more) with the word mentioned. Each tweet is broken up into 5-6 syllable groups and 7-8 syllable groups. First it is supposed to tweet a generic image of the word (right now it’s a default placeholder), then ‘hi-dee-di-dee-di…….’ and then the four lines of text.

The bot is broken right now since multiple twitter posts are being sent in an unexpected order. That will be fixed this weekend.

My inspiration was @pentametron. Based on the readings and Darius’ talk I was interested in putting together random phrases and seeing how they mash up together. More screenshots will be shared after it is fully working.

Link to github : https://github.com/ajayans/IACD-Gauntlet1/tree/master/Gauntlet-twitterbot/nodesample