Aprameya Mysore

14 Jan 2016

interesting OF project

I was captivated by Kyle McDonald and Jonas Jongejan’s work ‘Light Leaks’. It involves use of 3 projectors to bounce light off a pile of mirror balls to cast interesting reflections throughout a room. The light beams are actuated in a very specific way to create beautiful undulating patterns. I was very impressed with the degree of control they were able to achieve to make the patterns very crisp and defined. The immersive nature of this work is also very enticing–being able to walk around inside the projection space would yield an interesting experience and watching the video makes me want to see it up close. It reminds me of some of the work at Mattress Factory.



OF Addon

I am interested in using genetic algorithms in my work this semester, and I noticed there are 2 addons in the machine learning section that provide genetic algorithm functionality in openframeworks. I think it would be interesting to generate some seed points or initial conditions in openframeworks then use a genetic algorithm to evolve a 3 dimensional form, either to 3d print or to explore in the form of a VR video game.