Aprameya Mysore

16 Jan 2016



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This map, entitled “Built LA”, was designed to show the process of sprawl in LA. I really like time based maps that show changing urban environments, and I am from a large urban area where sprawl is an issue as well (Houston) so this map resonates with me. The date at which a particular building was constructed is mapped to a color spectrum, which causes some interesting gradients and patterns to emerge.


I think this map is conceptually very interesting but there are some design choices I disagree with, which I think detract from the informational value. I think the color choices are very interesting and the gradient is pleasing to look at, but the bright white lettering is both too large and creates too much contrast, which prevents the colors from popping as much. The contrast in my opinion should be utilized to showcase the most informational parts of the map. Also, the button to time lapse the animation is very counterintuitive, and seems like a lazy way to traverse through the time dimension–I think it should have been made with a youtube-style slider so the user can look at particular points in time. After all, the time lapse is supposed to be the primary conceptual component of this map. Finally, the zooming appears a bit awkward and its impossible to know the boundaries of the zoom without going all the way in and out. In this map since the border is delineated in a very specific way, I think it would be a lot better of an interface if there was a mini-map or a zoom slider to keep track of zoom level.