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LIDAR Timelapse

Explorable 3D timelapses generated from intimate LIDAR captures.

Using ofxTimeline, ofxMSATimer, ofxRange, ofxTimecode, and ofxTween, I made an app that takes large LIDAR captures (in this case, over a period of 8 hours), visualizes a planned animation of the space, …

Gauntlet – ofxaddons

While looking through the ofxaddons on, I was mostly focusing on the 2d graphics addons.  All of my favorite interactive maps that we have looked at in class have been mainly two dimensional.  I figured that starting with two …


My project does a mashup of the user’s face with Dj Khaled memes. It uses ofxFaceTracker and ofxGifEncoder.

I was excited by the idea of recognizing facial poses and get users to perform them, only to be mocked by Dj …

Dan Sakamoto

28 Jan 2016

The two addons I combined are ofxMyIP and ofxHttpUtils. I chose these because I was beginning to think about Emotobooth, the twitterbot which I’ll describe in more detail on its own post. The project required that an app running in …

Bo Kim

28 Jan 2016


I complied ofxCv with ofxNotifications to create an OF application that detects smile and sends notifications. Every time the user smiles, the smilingUser sends notifications on the sidebar with encouraging comments.

Unexperienced with C++ and openFrameworks, my goal was …

Jessica Shen

28 Jan 2016

Youtube video:


Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 11.26.33 PM

After browsing through ofxAddons, I came across ofxFilterBank and ofxLight2D. I thought they were both really interesting at first, but didn’t think to put them together.  However, I spent some time mashing together random addons, and this …

Christopher Wei

28 Jan 2016



So I’ve had this Launchpad for quite a while and it’s been collecting dust in my closet so I figured I could probably do something fun with it, considering there was a Launchpad interface already written for me. The …

Katherine Habeck

27 Jan 2016

I used the ofxBox2d add-on along with the ofxDatGui addon for the purpose of controlling parts of the physics represented onscreen with elements of a GUI. Here, a rather simple toggles which turns gravity off/on allows for interaction with a …

Chelsea Kwong

27 Jan 2016

This is an audio visualizer built with OpenFrameworks. The add ons I used in this project were ofxAudioAnalyzer, which I used to extract audio information like rms and power in real time, and ofxFboBlur, which is applied to the rotating …