Dan Sakamoto

28 Jan 2016

The two addons I combined are ofxMyIP and ofxHttpUtils. I chose these because I was beginning to think about Emotobooth, the twitterbot which I’ll describe in more detail on its own post. The project required that an app running in the background of a computer be able to send text and images to a web server, so I looked at ofxHttpUtils as a way to do this. I had trouble getting its image-sending feature to work, so I ended up abandoning the addon for Emotobooth. Without the ability to send images, I opted not to look further into an image-related addon, and instead found ofxMyIP for some dynamically generated text to send.

To demonstrate that the app is communicating over the network, I set the server-side script to pass the IP information along in an email.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 05.30.29

Code: https://github.com/dansakamoto/iacd-gauntlet-01-two-addons