Katherine Habeck

14 Jan 2016

483 Lines
Projection, Nylon string
Kimchi and Chip
This project involves projecting onto many nylon threads, threaded horizontally across a gallery space. The creators, Elliot Woods and Mimi Son, developed an open source toolkit using openFrameworks for calibrating the projections in 3D, which creates a nice effect of recession as the pieces plays out. The projection light catches on the threads and creates a mesmerizing, seemingly tangible light play. The documentation for the installation evokes space imagery for me. As far as the creators’ inspiration, I can imagine they were influenced by Anthony McCall’s “Line Describing a Cone”, which is an 1973 work that uses light projection to define form. The creators also cite analogue broadcasts as inspiration as well, borrowing and abstracting from achieved footage.
If you are curious about McCall’s work: https://vimeo.com/29428835

Cool addon: ofxPSBlend
Description: openFrameworks Photoshop blending math with GLSL. Tested on OSX.

I’d be interested to see how the image blending was implemented and could be augmented. I’ve been thinking about how/what to do with large data sets of images and one option would be to toy with their actual appearance. This addon could be a way into that thinking.