Luca Damasco

14 Jan 2016

Delicate Boundaries from csugrue on Vimeo.

Christine Sugrue’s “Delicate Boundaries” showcases an incredible interaction between the art’s participants and the art itself. Participants watch small, amoeba like creatures crawl from a projected scene onto their bodies, effectively making them a part of the artwork. With each new interactor, an entirely new scene is created, morphing the world of the amoeba’s into a constantly changing, multi-dimensional landscape, which breaks common viewing conventions of traditional digital art.


While browsing the ofxaddons website, I came across ofxlpVideoGrabber. This addon allows you to stream video from public security cameras and live streams to your ofxapp. Seeing as how there are hundreds of thousands of cameras streaming on publicly accessible channels, this application could allow for constantly evolving video of everyday life. I’d like to use this app to find large population centers, such as Times Square, and rip data from the advertisements in the space.