Safinah Ali

17 Feb 2016

For my visualization (maps) project, I am thinking of using some form of 3D prototyping. A couple of datas I was interested in visualizing were:
Brain map for a decision process, different levels of decision making.
Visualizing poetry and the depth of stress words.

I’m looking at physical representation of some conceptual data.

After the first discussion session, a concrete idea I am working on is a sound visualization of languages across the world. The visualization could be popular dialogues from the area, or current news, in their local language. I imagine an overlap of languages and slow merging across geography. The idea of sound maps is inspired from :

I want to visualizing the diversity of language, the nuances of spoken language, the softness of language and merging across region.

The datasets I am looking at are geographical data of languages, Ethnologue for Languages of the world, and history data for languages.