GGGGmail: visualization of Gmail history (Rohit and Hide)


GGGGmail (temporaly name) visualizes your history of gmail.

Our goal for this project is to uncover e-mail relationship with other people through 2D and 3D visualization. 2D animation shows history of your mail box with all senders on a time basis. 3D visualization represents your e-mail history with top 10 senders. You might find something interesting during process.


Initial sketch

process #1: first of all, we managed to downloaded data from Gmail server, and converted  it to XML file.

First processing sketch: traditional dots visualization


Applying physics to circles.


2D animation: numbers of circles represents numbers of senders, and Size of dots represents number of e-mails they sent. This animation generates sections for 3D visualization.

3D visualization of history with top 10 senders between 2008 – 2010.


Crazy looking history of 6,000 emails with 900 users.  They look like nerves.

Noodle shapes #1

Noodle shapes #2


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