L U N E by Cabbibo (Isaac Cohen) is a meditative, interactive VR piece involving cyclic envelopment within shimmering fabric enclosures and the arrangement of solid structures that support them.

Intended as a poem rather than a game, L U N E can evoke emotions from glee to melancholy as you partake in exploring the dynamics of the world he created. It is obviously influenced by experiences from the comfort of childhood pillow forts to mature recognition of cosmic insignificance.

I am drawn to L U N E’s almost-entropic forward progression, where the narrative-arrow-of-time is enforced by a series of one-way actions, while still remaining serene and preserving freedom at any step. Further, the shaders combined with the physical dynamics are innately enticing, and every action’s sonic element unifies the environment satisfyingly.

However, L U N E is quite short. The cycle conceivably “completable” within a minute, there are few elements to provide substance beyond the inherent curiosity of the user, though the singularity is perhaps intentionally haiku-like and needn’t overstay itself. 

Created in Unity, with much code open-sourced, the experience provides material support for any works inspired.