Professor: Golan Levin
Meeting Location: CFA-318 (primary) and CFA-307
Meeting Times: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:00pm – 4:50pm

Foundations: Digital Media is a practical introduction to expanded modes of creative practice made possible by the computer. In this studio course, you will develop the skills and confidence necessary to produce interactive, generative, and immersive artworks; discuss your work in relation to current and historic praxes of electronic art; and engage new technologies critically. Topics will include no-code and low-code approaches to: internet art, immersive world-building, and environmental storytelling; generative art and experimentation with learning machines; creative interventions and performance in social platforms; and the development of branching narratives and games.

Course Units

This semester, our course will have primary projects linked to four main units:

  1. AI+Art (1/19 – 2/2): experimental new tools for media synthesis and analysis
  2. Creative Coding (2/7 – 3/2): an introduction to programming generative and interactive systems
  3. Interactive Narrative (2/14 – 3/30): hypertextual interactive storytelling
  4. Immersive World-Making: (4/4 – 4/27): development of an expressive, immersive 3D environment

In addition, and on due-dates that fall around and between the projects listed above, there will also be smaller assignments such as “Looking Outwards” research reports, project proposals, etc.

Course Policies