2. Algorithmic Form: Creative Code

In this unit, we consider the topics of generativity and interactivity by developing skills in creative coding.




  • Vera Molnár, Georg Nees, Sol Lewitt. Michael Chang, Matthias Dörfelt, Saskia Freeke, Manolo Gamboa Naon, Vera-Maria Glahn & Marcus Wendt, Emily Gobeille & Theo Watson, Amy Goodchild, Licia He, Robert Hodgin, Lingdong Huang, Lia, Zachary Lieberman, William Mapan, Everest Pipkin, Casey Reas, Monica Rizzolli, Takawo Shinsuke, Camille Utterback, Iskra Velitchkova, Melissa Wiederrecht, Emily Xie, Michaël Zancan.


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