4a Getting Started

For Tuesday, April 9th, please do the following three things:

  1. Be sure to bring properly prepared equipment to class.
  2. (30 minutes) View some projects that use TouchDesigner, and make a brief writeup
  3. (60 minutes) Watch and follow along with some introductory Tutorial videos

These are described in more detail, below. 

1. Bring Properly Prepared Equipment to Class

On Tuesday April 9th, School of Art senior Emmanuel Lugo will give a tutorial/workshop in class, in order to introduce you to TouchDesigner. Please make sure to:

  • Create an account (using your Andrew email) at Derivative software, the creators of TouchDesigner
  • Install the free, non-commercial version of TouchDesigner on your laptop
  • Bring your laptop to class
  • Bring your laptop’s power supply to class
  • Bring your 3-button mouse to class.
2. View Some Projects that Use TouchDesigner

Spend a half-hour familiarizing yourself with how people use TouchDesigner. To do this, browse the projects in the official TouchDesigner showcase on Vimeo.com. Please note that there are more than 2000 projects across 169 pages of results; I beg you to look beyond the first page. Identify a project that you find interesting, and in the Discord channel #4-1-looking-outwards, please:

  • Write a sentence describing the project, and linking to its page;
  • Write a sentence describing what you found interesting about it;
  • Include an image or screenshot of the project.
3. Watch (and follow along with) some Introductory Tutorial videos

Please spend one hour viewing (and following along with) the “100 series” official TouchDesigner tutorials. In particular, please view the following brief tutorials (each is about 5 minutes long):