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In-Class Demonstrations, January 17

Deliverables and To-Do’s for Thursday 1/19

Additionally, please be aware that you will need the following items, in a few weeks’ time. Now’s a good time to make sure you have these:

  • An external hard drive. A solid-state drive that is recommended by our faculty is the Sandisk Extreme 1TB SSD ($100), but other sizes and types of drives are acceptable too. You will want to format your drive to ExFat; other formats will not allow access from both Mac and Windows. If you still have your external hard drive from 60-110, it is acceptable to use that.
  • A three-button mouse. I happen to prefer wired mice like the Logitech M100 wired mouse (USB-A, $9) or the Lenovo 400 wired mouse (USB-C, $10). A wireless mouse is also acceptable.