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by kaushal @ 1:12 am 24 January 2012

Augmented Shadow

The project was created by Joon Y. Moon, which uses light and boxes to create shadows and portrays life form around it. The cube blocks cast distorted shadows on the table top surface which looks like a house. The other elements such as trees, birds and people car projected on the surface. The design exhibits a form of life, where people move towards light sources and come back to their houses to light up the house. The project may be just an art form but can be used to do other interesting things. The idea of using shadows is very compelling and makes me think what more can we do with shadows and light forms.

Project Cascade

Project Cascade was initiated by Mark Hansen at the NYTimes R&D. The project visualizes the spread of a message such as a tweet over social media. The project captures spread of a tweet takes over the social space and the people involved. The project maps beautifully captures the complex spread making it intuitive. The visualizations can be drilled down or rolled up to see key components, which makes it even more interesting. The idea can also be used to see how people interact in a more social setting like facebook, to identify outward people in your network as opposed to just being friends on the list.

All Eyes on you

[vimeo=http://vimeo.com/33186969 width=”600″]
This an installation named the Britzpetermann shop installation. It uses kinect, openframeworks and arduino to project generated eyes with different radius onto a glass pane. The installation is programmed such that the eyes are always looking at the person walking outside. What is really interesting about the project is that it take a simple concept of concentric circles and programs it to attract attention. The render of the eyes are really strong which adds to the overall effect. It would be interesting to see how this project is installed for advertising purposes, where the eyes look at you for a while and then diverts back to the product displayed on the window.

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