Luke Loeffler – FaceOSC

by luke @ 8:36 am 24 January 2012


This project follows another recent interactive project, Brain Blur, a program that blurs the screen of your monitor if you’re thinking too much (as determined by the presence of beta activity on an EEG), and makes it sharp again after you’ve closed your eyes and meditated rendering the use of your computer nearly impossible.

Too much caffeine, too little sleep, too much distraction, so much going on.. Staying stoked can be hard even for Craig Fahner. Thus, I introduce Superstöker, the first app designed to keep you as optimally stoked. Harnessing advanced facial recognition, it precisely measures the number of dekastokes per second (S*10/s) and alternates playing two scientifically chosen songs in a negative feedback loop to keep you optimally stoked. Should you be under-stoked, the stoker automatically kicks in and attempts to restore balance with some grindcore metal. Should you become over-stoked, the soothing melodies of Getz and Gilberto will bring you back to earth.




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