Joe Medwid – Looking Outwards – 2

by Joe @ 7:36 pm 28 January 2012

Breakdown of Samples in Girl Talk Tracks.

A refreshingly simple (read: achievable for one of my limited resources) visualization that shows exactly which samples are playing when in Girltalk tracks, based on data gathered from Wikipedia. A decidedly simple application, but useful for people like me who often have trouble keeping track of the tracks… on… these… tracks? The creator is definitely taking the most obvious approach to this visualization and though it’s undoubtedly effective, it could certainly be polished a bit more. I can envision a guitar-hero-like glow on the various tracks as they begin to play in unison, for example.

Wikipedia Edits on a Random Day

A multi-format visualization of Wikipedia edits on a random day. By far the most interesting of the various available formats is the animated setting, showing edits in real-time as they pop up over the 24-hour period, color-coded by language. My primary motivation in posting this particular video is utter rage that someone took the best idea I managed to scrape together for our visualization project. GRRR. That said, the graphical fidelity of this piece could definitely be improved, as could its speed, presumably by limiting the available number of days.

Dungeons and Dragons Visual Resume

An animator / artist presents his resume in the form of that time-honored pen and paper standby, the Dungeons and Dragons Character sheet. For the uninitiated, during a game of D&D, each player has a sheet very similar to this that essential provides all of the relevant game information about a character, from how smart they are to how well they can open a lock or use a bow. Though the analogue is sound and the premise is one I’ve often contemplated pursuing myself, this particular example could benefit from a few fundamental changes. It sticks to the actual sheet’s layout a bit too slavishly, lacking general information hierarchy and failing to emphasize data that would be relevant to any legitimate reader. Though given the format, legitimacy might not be the creator’s main concern.

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