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by nir @ 6:17 pm 29 January 2012

The Interactive ZIPScribble Map

ZipScribble Map
This info graphic is beautiful in my opinion. Using only black and white, with basic map interactivity it creates a really fun experience. I found myself looking at different countries and checking out how they look with our without the map, as the instructions suggested. It also made me want to share, and see if any of the countries are of people I know. As for the more practical side, while the website suggests that interesting information can be inferred from the piece, I highly doubt it. It’s just cool, but nothing more.

Wifi Light Painting

Immaterials: Light painting WiFi from Timo on Vimeo.

This piece is just awesome. The artists took something that exists in our environment – wifi signals and found a very interesting way to visualize it. They use long-exposure photographs over scenic parts of the city, while a person is walking with a wifi-signal sensitive rod with lights on it. The result is an imaginary cross section of the wifi signal strength, overlaid on top of the real world. I like the fact that this could have been done on photoshop, but was still physically done at the field by people. I also like to think about other “invisible” entities that we can map this way, starting from radio and cell-tower signal, air-pollution, smell and noise just to name a few.

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