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by mahvish @ 11:29 pm 13 February 2012

Nervous System

Nervous System is a design studio that uses generative art algorithms like DLA (Diffusion Limited Aggregation) to create 3D biological patterns for jewelry & decorative pieces. (link) Their code is also open source, if you want to use it. The best part for me is their idea of being able to customize the algorithm parameters via an iPad app and personalize the jewelry you would like to buy and still keep the prices reasonable & accessible.


Cylinder is a project that takes sound frequencies and renders them in a tangible and permanent manner as sculptures to represent a sample of time. (link). I think the output is beautiful and it is representative of the way sound could be visualized. The final sculpture is white and takes only one thing into account: I wonder if using color might result more informative yet prettier sculptures.

Written Images

Written Images is an experimental publishing concept where each copy is generated using algorithms so no two copies are the same, but all are within a tight enough possibility space to be regarded as the same publication. I like the concept of a generated book: it kind of reminds me of game books where you can navigate the book (pages) for your own unique ending. Although this project generates unique images for each page, I can imagine a system that created a unique (text) book for you in a generative way.


Finally: I don’t know if this counts as generative or art but it is amusing. SCIgen is a program that generates random Computer Science research papers, including graphs, figures, and citations. Some of the papers it generated were published, including one on Interactive Media Design. [link]

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