Nir Rachmel | LookingOutwards-3

by nir @ 2:28 am 14 February 2012

1. Hair Particle Drawing

In this rather weird project, the artist developed software that takes an image and redraws it… using curly hair patterns!
The original photo presented in the website is labeled “Bush”, and has George Bush’s image made up of hair. I appreciate the satire and the use of double meaning for the word bush.

The two rightmost photos show two stages of the process of generating such a photo. It is animated on the screen, you are more than welcome to check it out yourself and upload your own image. In honor of Valentine’s day, I uploaded a heart and thought it would be funny to see it made out of curly hair.

What I like about this project is that it combines two worlds – a static image of a person, or any other object the user wishes and a piece of curly human hair, and uses the hair to re-create the image. The new image is no longer either of the originals – it’s not a hair, and it’s not the image. It’s quite disgusting, if you ask me. I also like the fact you can load your own image and experiment with it.

The link can be found here. Enjoy!


The following online gallery has lots of stuff that the artist created using processing. One that specifically attracted my attention was a simple algorithm that creates a city-like form, as can be seen in the following images:

I really like the stonewash effect the artist added to it to make it look cooler. I also appreciate the fact that an algorithm can create a rather random image, that will look like a city map to us. Makes me think about the elements that compose a map, and as clearly this is not a real map depicting a real place, what in our mental model is “a map”, and how does this generated image fulfill that.

You can play with it, it is addictive! Go here.

Also, from the same artist, I had to add another one.

3. Hyperexperience

For my third “looking outwards” item, i chose a non-digital form of randomly generated art. Not only it is non-digital, it is also crowd sourced. The artist created an installation of a wall which you can tear up and stick things of you own. I am always excited to see these crowd-sourced project come together, as they seem to have no one managing them or directing them, but somehow they maintain a common language and refrain from becoming just a random mess. Introducing human behavior as your random component, brings some beautiful results!

Check it out over here !

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