by sankalp @ 7:25 am 14 February 2012

Project 1:


Andy Huntington: Cylinder

Wow! Okay so this project is essentially the generation of physical objects from sound analysis. The idea, Cylinder, by Andy Huntington and Drew Allan is truly impressive because it takes information that can’t be seen, and generates these models as art. It’s ridiculous in how well these models turned out. Huntington and Allan go through and essentially use sound waveforms (usually a 1D graph) and spectral map (2D) to create this stunning 3D object. If I had to change anything, I would definitely use color on the objects to represent something. I know white is likely more practical, but color, to me, is always a good thing and one of those extra steps that in a lot of cases, I find definitely worth it.

Project 2

Falstad: 2D Vector fieldFalstad: 3D Waves simulation

I found this post on and essentially it deals with “Math lessons for   Right Brain people”. As a Math x Design BSA major, I tend to deal a lot with implementing Math in my Design. And occasionally, Design in my math. What people don’t always get is that Mathematics has a very open design. If you are proving theorems, proving continuity, or working with n-dimensional spaces, you’re implementing a certain design in the methodology and order of your work. This post is about a guy named Paul Falstad who created a view applets which generated art from mathematical theories and issues. Through his applet, Falstad is at least attempting to cross the bridge from Math into Design & Art. While not completely successful in my eyes, due to it’s lack of interactive meaning for the user, this work does symbolize one thing, as the article points out: “there is hope” for any student who seeking a creative understanding of a historically-non-creative field.

Project 3:

While I don’t know exactly what this represents, it seams that Ben Guerrette’s image was primarily generated using an ActionScript project with some minor adjustments in Photoshop. This image is just gorgeous to me. To represent these colors, which may have been drawn from photos that Ben had, or photos stored on Flickr, as a generative art piece is just awesome. I’m a man of color. I’m a man of geometry. And honestly, this art piece is just breathtaking to me. Sure, it’s generated or contrived from data, but I find it unique in an of itself, which to me, deems this work as successful. If I had to change anything about it, well….I wouldn’t. The background lighting, the Circle diameters, the color gradients, the outlining of shapes, all of it just works. This type of generative is compelling to me because it allows the user or viewer to explore their own thoughts while their eyes traverse the numerous circles. Well Done.

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