Joe Medwid – Looking Outwards – 4

by Joe @ 10:49 pm 6 March 2012

Zombie Frog Drum Kit


The name… says it all? A MIDI drum kit is used to coordinate electrical shocks directed at the bisected bodies of preserved frogs. Morbid? Sure. An ingenious interaction? Undoubtedly.

Rope Revolution


A collaboration between the MIT Media Lab and the Harvard School of Design lead to this little gem, a series of video games based on rope-related activities throughout the world. In the age of Kinect and Wii, it’s refreshing to see an input method so thoroughly grounded in a tactile medium.

Spyro The Dragon: Skylanders


You need to fast-forward quite a bit to get the point of this clever video game / real life mashup. The gimmick here is that you can buy physical action figures which are then “Transported” into a video game, unlocking the figurine as a playable in-game avatar. Not only is it an ingenious marketing strategy, it redefines the concept of “downloadable content” and playfully blurs the line between game and reality. If I were ten years younger, I would be eating this stuff up.

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