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by mahvish @ 4:51 pm 15 March 2012

This is another Looking Outward for Interactivity where I wanted to focus on Augmented Reality.

Street Art + AR

Sweza is a German Street Artist who uses QR codes to link to his art work. I couldn’t embed the video but here’s a link to it. QR codes seem slightly cliched now but I thought AR + Fiducial markers serve the same purpose. At one point in the video, Sweza talks about a project where a QR code on a radio image links to a song, which was pretty cool.

This video led me to another project by Sweza called GraffYard which uses QR Codes to preserve graffiti after it is removed. He places a QR Code in the exact location which resolves to an image of the original.

Virtual Graffiti Apps
There are a bunch of apps that let you “virtually” place graffiti at a place using AR techniques like ARTags, ARStreet, Street Tag, AirPainter, Layar, and finally in 3D via Scrawl.

…More to Come…

Some other links

If you haven’t heard of Aurasmo

… another AR book

AR + Magic

and a to-be released video: [link to blog post]

And finally, The Beamatron:

Beamatron is concept from Microsoft that places AR projections in 3D physical space using a Kinect and Projector.

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    Theo Watson “Spinning vinyl ipod app”:

    iPad magic sub:e :

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