by sankalp @ 3:31 pm 17 March 2012

Next batch of inspiring interactive/real time art pieces.


Alright, so this is pretty cool. This guy used AR and Papervision3D to compose very simple, but cool audio mixes. Using AR placards, he was able to control the lef and right headset audio fading, the volume, and even the number over overlayed beats. I think this is pretty epic and I think using AR to control something non-visual is definitely something I’ll look into for this interaction assignment. At this point, I may not be able to program something this cool, but I’d definitely like to play with interactivity, something that isn’t always inherent to AR. Overall, FLARsound’s coolest exhibition is its ability to blend user senses together, creating a successfully elegant art work.


So this has got to be one of the more cool Kinect x AR simulations I’ve seen. The idea is to use an overhead-mounted kinect to work with displaying images of actualy objects, creating an awesome AR-esque platform for real-time involvement. The piece is actually able to have its projections interact with the real outline of the room, allowing the displayed car to “tumble” over ramps or not run past walls. I think this type of interaction piece is awesome because it allows the user, as the man in the video says, to be able to react in real time with his simulation, whether that be a game or a virtual reality engine. Imagine the possibilities of interaction with current gaming consoles. I think this in and of itself is deserving of the world’s attention.

AR Business Card

Alright, so I’ve been interested more and more in working with AR for this project. Not quite sure where I want to end up with that, since AR is very new to me. But of course, I found this awesome video of this guy who actually used an AR marker for his business card. Yeah, that’s right, and AR simulation on the back of his business card. The AR simulation essentialy is a pixelated (for the time) video of him actually explaining his work and what his best qualities are. I think this type of thing is fantastic because it allows for another level of interactivity in addition to a personal greeting. I think that’s a great touch and will definitely serve as a foundation for future introductions of the digital persuasion. I mean, wow, if anything, it goes to show his ability to actually do what he says he can do. Definitely a thumbs up if I were his future employer!

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