Joe Medwid – Final Project – Concepts

by Joe @ 3:09 pm 2 April 2012

Digital Masquerade
Inspired by my previous foray into Digital Puppetry and other students’ excellent with with the AR Toolkit, I believe there’s a rich opportunity to explore playful digital self-augmentation during our exhibition.


A compatriot of Dan’s created this excellent installation, using simple post-it notes as markers through which guests could don a variety of cartoony accessories. If computational realities prove amiable, I plan on implementing a similar strategy, but with slightly more elaborate props.


The social dynamic and physical implementation still needs to be considered, though. Would this be a toy for guests to try on different disguises? A commentary on digital identity and personality projection? Should the projected models be masks, costumes or accessories? Pleasant and fun or subversive and thought-provoking? Should the guests even necessarily be aware of what they’re wearing? Perhaps instead of a projector, individuals must view their peers’ masks through the relative privacy of their own mobile phone.

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