Mahvish Nagda – Final Project Brainstorming

by mahvish @ 7:00 am 3 April 2012

Project 2 :

SO I have continued working on what I had for Project 2 on the side (very very slowly). The tiling is still a work in progress, but I also started looking at ToxicLibs and playing with that. One of the examples in the library that I started playing with was the Polygrid Tesselate. I combined that with the Voronoi Clipping example to go from 2D to 3D (pictures). I’ve also played with Rhino a little bit (but not Rhino scripting) so the final project could be just completing my initial vision for Project 3. Also, here’s a link to the code (link).

Project 3

The other option for me is to keep working on Project 3. Although, I enjoyed Project 3 ideas, I think adding biofeedback to the loop (for Project 4) and using that in interesting ways might make the interaction more interesting.

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