Akiva Krauthamer

14 Mar 2016

I created a map of a single stair case in the Purnel Center for the Arts at Carnegie Mellon University. To do this I created a simple jig to hold a DSLR above a step in a fixed position. Next I photographed every step. Finally I combined all these images in to map you see here.

I see this project as both a static map and as a performance where I share stories behind the features of the landscape. This map is interesting to me because it is both a capture of a moment in time and the sum of all the wear from years of use.


The simple rig I used to capture each step was made from a two by four and a small piece of ply wood.

Git Hub with full size image : https://github.com/Akiva42/StairMap

Flicker album with all photos : https://flic.kr/s/aHskwiDfPD