12 Jan 2016

A Day on the London Underground

A Day on the London Underground by Will Gallia is a visualization of over half a million London Underground trips over the course of one day, imposed on the routes of the Underground map.

This project does an excellent job of demonstrating the Underground as an active, living system. The map this visualization is based on unintentionally implies that it is, in a sense static. This remedies that, and I enjoy that it highlights the behavior of the individuals using this system, telling a small

One small issue with this project is the journeys counter, below the current time. It is initially unclear wether it represents the current number of journeys occurring, or the total number of journeys so far.


This is an ofx library that allows for active 3D scanning using an uncalibrated projector-camera system, such as a Kinect.

Clearly, this has applications for about any project that would benefit the combination of 3D scanning with simultaneous reasoning about said 3D scans. Personally, I have been considering making a program that scans a face and return a 3D model of said persons beard i.e. beard scanning software.