crushed frito chip

13 Jan 2016

here i am……looking outwards….like a delicate moth, i have been bottled up and am peering at the outside world from my glass prison…….haha jk!! here’s some dope shit you should look at

a project

in this harsh world i often ask myself “what’s good……why am i here….” the answer came to me in the form of this RHYTHM GYMNASTICS ROBOT. rhythmic gymnastics involves twirling a ribbon in complex patterns, which this elite team of Japanese roboticists have managed to do, using the help of …. wait for it….. OPENFRAMEWORKS!!!! you can design your own ribbon routines using their computer gui and then the robot will dutifully perform it for you. this is possibly the best robot i’ve ever seen, so elegant and beautiful. in a time where robots are increasingly threatening our lives, through drone strikes to the loss of jobs & economic means through automation, this is a beautiful reparation gift from our robot coworkers.


an addon i am practically salivating at is the “of”. we live in a brutal, money-driven world and the only way to win the game is to play it!!!!!! cha-ching!!! i can think of a million things to do with money, because most anything you want to do costs money, so that’s cool. but maybe more specifically i’m really into the trend of “fixing women’s speech patterns because they do not talk like men in power”.

us ladies say all sorts of silly things, like “sorry” and “just wanted to let you know”, and it’s costing us that hard earned cash that all the (white, cis, economically stable) men make!!! it seemsĀ the only way to teach high powered corporate women how to operate in an elite corporate setting is to correct them passive aggressively through the use of email addons, but even then it has varied results. why not force them to pay every time they are kind or placating in an email as a cold, hard, reminder why pay gaps exist???? i would love to build a “WOMAN SHAMER 5000”, an essential corporate tool for the modern business lady!!