Afnan Fahim

21 Jan 2014

1) Wiretapping myself  – A sizable population of the internet now lives under the impression that President Obama or his administration is listening to every word we say and every step we take. The quantified self that you didn’t know is an interesting video that depicts such presumptions.

For my quantified self I wanted to look at what the NSA or other monitoring agencies would come up with had they been missing me all the time.

I decided to record all the calls that I make. For this purpose I found an android application called Android Call Recorder. It automatically records all the calls that I make and syncs them with my dropbox folder. After a month of voice data collection, I plan on running this bulk of mp3 files through our CMU’s very own speech recognition software – CMUSphinx. I then plan on organizing this data into word clouds and identifying trends and patters to see what topics I talk about the most, if there are certain words I use too much, etc etc. Should be fun!

2) Defining myself in terms of fitness – Thanks to folks at Nike and Fitbit I am now collecting data about my daily physical activity using two different devices – Nike+ Fuelband and the Fitbit One. I want to create a “selfie” where different areas of the picture are colored or shown based on how much progress fitness wise I had accomplished for a particular day.

3) Where have I been? – I am also using the beautiful OpenMaps app to track my physical location everywhere I go. The app tracks and stores where I have been and what I’ve been up to. Since I’ll be doing considerable amount of coding this semester, I then want to cross check this data with my github commits to see working in which areas has been most productive for me.