Andrew Sweet

16 Jan 2014


As a part of NHDK, photographer Víctor Enrich photographs and digitally reconfigures the same building in 88 configurations and orientations. This piece really surprised me because conceptually it sounds pretty simple but has more weight to it than I expected when browsing. By many constants, including most notably the angle and the subject, the variations of the artist’s interpretations become the subject matter.


Building Sound features an incredibly unique interaction with sound that feels both familiar and foreign. Its simplicity is elegant, and the interaction works quite well. I appreciate the bold take on stripping text from web communication, and exploring alternatives that are still aesthetically appealing and relatively practical. However, the current approach feels lacking somehow. It’s difficult to find precisely what you want, in particular if the website featured more content than it currently does. It’s merely functional enough for its current use case.


Museum, a tech demo for CMU student group Pillow Castle’s first person puzzler is quite impressive as a tech demo. The game mechanics are fascinating, though currently unbounded. Given proper structure and form, I see this game (a sort of combination between Portal and Perspective) being an entertaining, challenging puzzler with a great amount of variety possible among the current game mechanics presented provided some proper constraints are added to the implemented mechanics.