Andrew Sweet

23 Jan 2014


While not fancy in any fashion, this collection of data brings perspective to how customers treat those around them. An aggregation of how many customers fractionally swear when dealing with an employee in a given industry, this simple collection brings up a lot about how we’re willing to by angered by certain professionals more than others.

Well Made

This captured dataflow from Foursquare shows the pulse of a city. With simple color coding and a dynamic key to the map, the view can easily get a good-looking view of motion, as well as different types of activities that happen around the city, and where they are clustered, without having to get into the details of the individual, but thinking of the population as a whole instead. Seeing the rush hour traffic versus the few hours of night where very little activity takes place really juxtaposes well visually.

Interesting Dataset

Take 10 seconds, and slow it down to three minutes. Then watch as the numbers fly rapidly across the screen in very organized, clustered back and forth motions. 10 Seconds of Extreme Trading in Blackberry¬†shows just that. The visuals look like some old Atari game, with bright colors and fast moving parts on a black backdrop. The data itself though is fascinatingly fast. This extreme flow of numerous individuals predicting, guessing, and following the crowd as fast as possible. While this particular video isn’t completely understandable to the layman (like myself), the motion itself reveals much more than the individual numbers involved, making this representation of the particular data very well done.