Maya Kreidieh

16 Jan 2014

I’m Maya Kreidieh, and I’m currently a student in the Master of Human Computer Interaction at HCII. My background is in computer and communication engineering. I’m interested in building systems that extract and visualize data. I’m also super interested in generative art, although I’ve only dabbled in it very briefly. Before coming to CMU, I founded with a few friends a hackerspace in Beirut, Lamba Labs. I’m very interested in hacker culture and the politics of hackerspaces.
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Twitter : @acrylc
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ThingsJS is a library that allows you to represent physical devices as tags in your html and manipulate them using javascript. Each web component has an internal web socket connecting it to a physical component (a sensor or actuator on an arduino for now). The web-component basically emulates the physical device in HTML. So, developers can build IOT applications, prototype hardware or even build an open portal to their stream of physical data in HTML. I’m still in the process of documenting this, but you checkout the code at for now at .