Sama Kanbour

28 Jan 2014

Useful: Duration by James George

Description this is a data visualization tool that tracks data and generates a graph to communicate data summaries in meaningful ways

Purpose visualization tools are always beneficial to give meaning to the large amount of data that current technological devices record on a daily basis about our lifestyles, habits and behaviors


Useable: BalletFont by Weiden + Kennedy’s WK12

Description this software captures ballet dancers’ movements and transforms them into an interesting readable and elegant typeface

Purpose designers look for creative ways to put together font styles, but also to give them an exceptional human trait, in opposition to geometrical boring typefaces



Desirable: Flowerium by Makoto Hirahara

Description this application designed for mobile devices demonstrates an interactive way to plant seeds and observe flowers grow and blossom.

Purpose the developer aims to entertain the audience

Visual techniques the designer uses an algorithm that displays flowers that are visually appealing and adds a sound effect to their growth and death

Improvement the sound generated with the growth of the flowers doesn’t go well with the animation