Wanfang Diao

06 Mar 2014

My idea is to look at the average color of my Iphone’s photo I took while traveling.
So I try to calculate 6 cluster center of pixels’ color by kmeans in Matlab. I used HSV as the 3 dimensions of colors and got a satisfying result.


Data: Photos in my Iphone.

Clean the data: delete videos, classified them by place/date. rename them and resize them. This process cost my most of the time because I did them manually.

Then I used all the picture I took in a particular city to calculate the top 3 “average color” and visualized them by openFramework. The height is the number of photos. I compare them with the result from google image.



Pittsburgh’s photos were took in December, so there is snow color in it. KeyWest and Bahama I took a lot of sceneries such sea, plants and beach.  Most of NY photo’s are Manhattan’s building and people.

What’s more, I also collect a 10-day traveling photos and visual them by day.


However, the result seems a little surprised me. So I decide to look into each photo’s 3 colors. This is Bahama Day (Day 3)



This is Keywest Day (Day 9)