New Nature by Marpi is primarily an interactive exhibition, featuring display panels and surround sound immersing guests in a world filled with virtual creatures – abstract-looking trees, plants, and flowers which react to guests’ presence and hand movements via Kinect and Leap Motion sensors. While the full experience is on exhibit at Artechouse in Washington, DC., accompanying experiences are available as mobile experiences on iOS and Android. The project was a collaboration with Kevin Colorado (technical direction), Bent Stamnes (sound design), Will Atwood (3D art), with documentation by Daniel Garcia and Jeremy ShanahanNew Nature was made using Unity, in conjunction with external software for Kinect and Leap Motion.

I admire the procedural nature of the generative plants and creatures, as well as the physical, tactile nature of “touching” the creatures with your hands. As a person working within Augmented and Virtual Reality, I am also interested in exploring this physicality of virtual objects. Having virtual objects react to your movement through sensors adds a level of involvement and connection to the virtual work that would not otherwise be possible.

Marpi, New Nature